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18 necklace with timeless Egypt Ankh cross charm pendant and Leverback Earringsfaithfully handcrafted with genuine 925 sterling silver in perfect polished finishcomes with free special gift packagingmade in the USA yet offered at factory direct jewelry priceships from the manufacturer directly to the customers

China's most respected mythical animal is the dragon. This is considered to be a real animal, but has become extinct. It is said that the dragon is just how China flood season, they came and saw alligators. This is why they are often called rain carriers. However, it has grown dragon, represents a lot of things. It is also sometimes referred to as the East, a symbol of spring, courage, and the Empire State Sovereignty The Guardian. Can come from the mouth of the dragon Royal Decree, prophecy, proclamation, and Heaven, fire, bring rain clouds. Eastern dragon, which is great deeds, if a person is able to treat him reverently dragon from the west, this is evil and kidnapped princess, is very different.

925 Sterling Silver Egyptian Ankh Cross Necklace and Earring Set IMSDDSMGX

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